Patty sitting at her torch making glass beads
Hi there! I am Patty Lakinsmith, and I'm the artist behind The Glass Acorn. 
It started with an impromptu class on making glass beads using a torch in 2003, and the fire for a forever passion was lit. I make pieces inspired by nature for women who are creative, who care about the environment and show their individuality through their jewelry. 
In my wooded, mountain studio I am driven to replicate organic patterns – normal and cancerous cellular structure, dangerous reptiles and plants, and the incredible night sky.  When I am at the torch, the molten glass picks me up and carries me on a journey to exotic destinations, and the ride is usually exhilarating.  Learning the various ways I can coax the glass into doing what it wants to do naturally is thrilling to me, and she never fails to surprise me with her desires. 
I hope you find something to cherish forever in my shop.