Patty sitting at her torch making glass beads

The Beginning

Hi there! I am Patty Lakinsmith, and I'm the artist behind The Glass Acorn Jewelry Company. It started with an impromptu class on making glass beads using a torch in 2003, and the fire for a forever passion was lit. I make pieces inspired by nature for women who are creative, who care about the environment and show their individuality through their jewelry. 
In my wooded, mountain studio I am driven to replicate organic patterns – normal and cancerous cellular structure, dangerous reptiles and plants, and the incredible night sky.  When I am at the torch, the molten glass picks me up and carries me on a journey to exotic destinations, and the ride is usually exhilarating.  Learning the various ways I can coax the glass into doing what it wants to do naturally is thrilling to me, and she never fails to surprise me with her desires. 
I hope you find something to cherish forever in my shop. 

The Jewelry

This is not your mall jewelry store jewelry. These pieces are unique and appeal to the explorer, the naturalist and the awe-filled child in you. They remind you of magical moments in the forest, when you've stumbled upon something really special. My handmade jewelry starts with an idea, and as the glass components are made in the flame the pieces begin to take shape. I use electroforming, silversmithing, beading, and other techniques to make my finished pieces.

The Company

The Glass Acorn's brand values are:
  1. Connect with nature - Offer jewelry that reminds the wearer of the power of nature.
  2. Respect the earth – Minimize the impact on the environment by offering sustainable jewelry packaging.
  3. Inspire creativity – Help customers to discover their hidden creative potential.
  4. Give back – Honor customers’ support of the environment by giving back to environmental initiatives.
  5. Sow faith – Help customers to rekindle their faith in the future by offering stories from nature.
  6. Reflection – Offer inspiration that helps each customer understand the world a bit better.
  7. Laughter – Inspire others to embrace the healing power of laughter.