Welcome! - The Glass Acorn


Warm toned acorn pendant leaning on a tree trunk.

I am so happy you're here. You know that feeling of deep peace you get when you've left your daily cares behind, and you're grabbing a fresh air walk in the woods? That's the feeling I'm aiming for here.

You're breathing in the fresh air, marveling at the colors of the leaves, or the lushness of the moss. You are reminded that the rest doesn't matter. The computer on your desk, your endless To Do list, and that pile of laundry at home. The forest reassures you that THIS is what matters. THIS is where you belong, and where you will be restored.

I hope you get that feeling here. Nature has been filling my tank for many years now, and will always be there for me and for you. Soon I'll tell you how all of that got started, but for now, take a look around, relax, and know that I appreciate you.

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