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The Holidays are Early This Year - The Glass Acorn jewelry is the perfect gift

Like it or not, it seems that this year many large and small businesses have chosen to kick off their holiday promotions early. Maybe because last year shoppers encountered shipping delays and shortages, maybe because we just need an urgent dose of sparkle in our worlds.

Either way, The Glass Acorn is diving in headfirst with our Grand Opening celebration starting on November 22, and we are excited as we can be. We've given some serious thought to how we can help you and your cherished ones celebrate the season in style, and we have crafted some joyful offers to help you give and save.

Here are some special offers to help you get your Jingle on:

1. The BFF Acorn Lover bundle. Do you love acorns as much as we do, and have a bestie who does too? Or maybe you have two besties? Either way, we are offering our Glass and Copper Acorn Pendants at $30 off when you buy two. It's time to treat yourself, and your best friend too.

2. The Set. Perfect for that friend or sister who wants IT ALL, this bundle includes your choice of a Glass and Copper Acorn Pendant plus a pair of Tiny Acorn Earrings, and you save $26.

3. 3 Wise Friends. Fabulous for your little group of besties, or for all 3 of your sisters, this offer saves you $30 when you buy 3 pairs of Tiny Acorn Earrings

The fun will kick off at 8 AM (yikes!) on Tuesday, Nov 22, so set your alarm! We have been busy as squirrels stocking up on our customer favorites but some colors may run out.

And the best news of all? Any order over $100 ships for free. Happy Holidays!

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