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The excitement is building - I'm getting there!

A collection of earthy, colorful acorn pendants on a wood background.
While I'm tending to the backstage part of this new site, I'm feeling nostalgic about the idea of actually having a blog again! I had one that I published frequently for about 10 years, and being the writer-type, it was a bittersweet day when I unpublished it. But now I'm back, eager to exercise the writing muscles that I've been developing since childhood. Really, that was my hobby as an awkward, introverted kid with a lot going on inside the brain. I filled notebook upon notebook with fictional stories about the brave, popular characters I wished I could be. And then apparently I grew up, and started living the stories I wrote.

How I plan to use this blog

I'm going to use this space to let you know about new things on the horizon. I will give you a heads up on classes and sales events, art shows and more. When I have helpful information I'll share that too. 

This platform is so powerful it's taking me a minute to figure out how everything is wired up. Etsy was easy, but lacks some of the sophisticated features that today's shopping platforms offer. Big Cartel was an interim phase which lasted far too long for me. 


For those of you who already own acorn pendants. When I first offered my glass acorn pendants I put them on a long chain (about 30"), without a clasp because I liked the simplicity of just throwing it on over your head, and the length made sense for a larger pendant. Now I'm wondering how that is working for you? Do you miss the clasp? One thing I have always hated about the clasps on chains is how they eventually, inevitably slide around to the front, and the idea of not having to worry about that seemed nice. 

But it occurs to me now that it could be nice to have a clasp, since you could shorten the chain by clasping it anywhere along the chain you like (the chain is an open weave style).

So what do you think? Do you miss the clasp? Wish you could wear your acorn pendant shorter? If so, do me a solid and let me know?


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